20  Years Palm Art Award

Rules PAA 2022

(last additions on September 14th, 2022)

📣      📣   Application Deadline for  Palm Art Award 2022 is October 31th 2022, at 3pm CET! 

The competition is still open for a Nomination Request  until this point. By then, the registration should be completed with the receipt of the registration form, participation fee, the image files and all image information.

 ★ Promotion '20% off' - finished

Still up to July 31th* we offer for all new registrations a discount of 20% on the participation fee: only 38 EUR (instead of the regular 48 euros)!  (*Receipt of the reduced participation fee by July 31 at the latest)

  NEw until June 30th

We offer for all new registrations a discount of 20% on the participation fee: only 38 EUR (instead of the regular 48 euros)!

📣 NEW in January 2022

In this difficult time full of restrictions, in our 20th Anniversary Year 2022 and until further notice, we would like to completely abolish the rule, which states that former nominees have to take a break of 3 years after a three times Nomination in a row, before they can be nominated regullary again, 

EVERY FORMER NOMINEE of the PALM ART AWARD, no matter how many times he has been nominated / participated in the past in the competition, is welcome for the PALM ART AWARD 2022 with his new artworks!

★ ★ ★ 

The Palm Art Award is aimed and awarded to artists of the media painting, graphics, fine art photography, digital art, installation and sculpture. Each participant submits 3 works.
The award will be delivered via the web and will be carried out in 3 selection steps: (1) pre-selection resp. invitation by the promoter, (2) presentation round and (3) award selection by the jury.

In the run-up to each (one-year) award cycle, an internal pre-selection search takes place, on the basis of which all artists selected for the annual cycle will be informed by e-mail about their nomination.

Upon receipt of the invitation email, you can easily register for participation in the competition within a period of 8 weeks using this email form.

At the same time, send us the jpg image files of your three works of art (ca 1200-1500 pixel page length) by e-mail attachment to info(at)palm-art-award.com. Gladly also for a 4th work for us to choose from.

To do so, please state title, technique, size and year of creation for each submitted work.

It is recommended that the artwork should have been created within the last 8 years. In case of repeated participation it is requested to avoid a repeated submission of one and the same work. With your submission you assure that this work is your own work and in no way violates the copyrights of another person / party.

Please note: Upon registration a one-off registration fee of 48 Euro will be charged (This amount is free of VAT according to §19 UStG). There are no further costs for the nominated artist. Our bank details will be sent to you upon receipt of the registration form.

Important: It is requested to complete the enrollment within a few days by sending the image files along with the related information, as well as with payment of the participation fee. If the registration is not completed within 4 weeks after submitting the registration form, it will get invalid and deleted.

Online Participants Catalogue
All submitted works will be included in the current Online Catalogue of Nominees after enrollment. See a sample participants portfolio here.

Your participants portfolio showing the 3 submitted artworks will be available at www.palm-art-award.com until release of the prize winners in the subsequent year. The portfolios of the prize winners even remain accessable for a further 3 years on the former winners page.

If you have given your consent, one of your submitted artworks for the competition will also be presented on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/palmartaward/ . That Facebook entry is automatically deleted after 12 to a maximum of 15 months. If the facebook post is not desired, please let us know. This Facebook presentation is not obligatory and has absolutely no influence on the decision of the jury.

All confirmed Palm Art Award nominees will receive the "Nominated to the Palm Art Award" PDF printversion certificate as soon as enrollment is complete.


Closing date for the Palm Art Award 2022 is October 31, 2022, 3:00 pm CET.

This means that not only the registration form, but also all the pictures, texts and the participation fee have to be provided by this date. Subsequent submissions can not be considered for the 2022 cycle.

NEW: For 2022 the preselection will take place with even stricter standards in terms of quality and, above all, the originality and uniqueness of the submitted works of art. The number of Nomiations for Palm Art Award 2022 is limited to an absolute maximum of 300 plus the 15 '2nd Chance Prize' winners from PAA 2020. So it is quite possible, the award could be closed earlier than October 31, 2022 for nomination requests / new applications.

Choice of Winners
At the end of the year, the jury will select the winners in a secret, independent form among all participants of the presentation round, to assign to them the 'Palm Award'. At least 5,000 euros are provided for prize money. (If it gets more depends on our sponsors).
The winners of the Palm Art Award 2021 will be announced on December 30, 2021 at https://www.palm-art-award.com/. All nominees will be personally notified by e-mail.

Bonus & Extra Option
Each of the award winners of the Palm Art Award gets the option and a discount for inclusion in one of the current hardcover book publications "Who's Who in Visual Art: 100 Top Fine Artists of Our Day" or "Himmelblau ArtCompass", published every two years in Art Domain WhoisVerlag.

Additionally, as a nominee you secure the option of inclusion in the WikiArticon without prior request to the editors.

Nomination Request / Application Without Invitation

Nomination requests for the PALM ART AWARD 2022 already now can be made here by using this form.

Our selection committee for the PAA 2022 cycle will meet in regular intervals to decide on the latest applications. Then we will familiarize ourselves with the artistic work of the applicant artist based on his website or the jpg images of the 3 submitted artworks. After receiving our confirmation email,  proceed as described under "Enrollment".

The minimum age for participation in the competition is 18 years.

For many years now, Art Domain Group has been sponsoring up to three needy artists who are temporarily living in difficult circumstances and have reached the status of nomination, and upon request grants participation in the contest exempt from the processing fee.

Other Regulations

The minimum age for participation in the competition is 18 years.

📣 NEW in 2022: The following rule will also not be applied in 2022 and until further notice: (In general, there is the possibility for each artist to take part in the competition three times in a row, with less than a three-year break between the nominations. Following this, a three-year break is mandatory, after which a renewed regular participation as described above is possible.)

The last year's 1st Prize Winner has to pause at least 1 year before being re-nominated for the Palm Art Award.

The title and content of the presented works of art are solely the statements of the nominated artist and do not have to correspond to the views of the organizer of the art prize.

Honourary Membership in the Palm Award Jury
In order to broaden the spectrum of the regular jury, this award will be given after the three regularly permitted consecutive participations in the competition.
Selected artists will be named full members of the Palm Art Award jury for the following annual cycle.


1st Prize

Merit Award

Special Prize

WhoisPublisher Prize

WikiArticon Prize

Honourary Member of the Jury

Certificate of Excellence

Second Chance Prize

Recognition Prize

For a detailed description of the prize categories please click HERE.

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