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Palm Art Award 2023

The art prize will not take place in 2023.


We would like to thank our artists

and wish for you all

a good year full of creativity and success!


Palm Art Award 2024

Deutschland + Österreich + Schweiz   by Art Domain Group

The Palm Art Award will most likely

take place again as usual in 2024.

🔸 In 2024 for the first time the PALM ART AWARD is regionally oriented.

🔸 Participation and awarding of the nominations is therefore this time limited to artists from German-speaking countries residing in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

🔸 The PALM ART AWARD 2024 is expected to open up in January 2024!

🔸 A NOMINATION REQUEST for the PALM ART AWARD 2024, according to the new 2023/24 rules, is possible from December 17th, 2023 through the Application Form provided here from that date.

🔸 The nomination and application period for the PALM ART AWARD 2024 runs from December 17, 2023 to October 31, 2024

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