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PALM ART AWARD - the world-renowned art prize, has been awarded to outstanding artists in the categories painting, graphics, sculpture, digital art and photography for over 20 years. Also in the 21st year of the competition, the selection of the nominations will again be made with particularly high standards of quality, originality and expressiveness of the submitted works of art. The new regulations already provide information about all the new features of the updated concept for this year's award. 🔸 The PALM ART AWARD 2023 will probably be opened in early May!

 Palm Art Award since  2002

🔸 NEW: For the first time, the PALM ART AWARD 2023 is regionally oriented.

🔸 Participation and awarding of the nominations is therefore this time limited to artists from German-      speaking countries residing in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

🔸 All INFORMATION about the new REGULATIONS and RULES are already available.

🔸 A NOMINATION REQUEST for the PALM ART AWARD 2023, according to the new 2023 rules, is possible from  April 10th, 2023  through the Application Form provided here from that date.

🔸 The first Nominees will be informed by invitation email from mid-April.

🔸 The nomination and application period for the PALM ART AWARD 2023 is from April to October '23.

   The winners

of the

Palm Art Award 2022  


1. Preis
Katrin Alvarez

Merit Award

Special Prize

WikiArticon Prize