Since 2002, the internationally renowned art prize has been awarded to outstanding artists of art forms painting, graphics, digital art, photography, installation art and sculpture and has proven to be a springboard for many of the nominated artists and award winners in a higher stage of their artistic career! For the cycle 2020 the preselection of nominees will take place with high standards in terms of quality and the originality of the submitted works of art.

ACTUAL:  📣 📣  The PALM ART AWARD 2020 is already very close to the Entry Limit according to the PAA 2020 Rules: 250 nominations plus the 15 '2nd Chance Prices' of PALM ART AWARD 2019 ★ A total of around 220 confirmed Nominees have been presented with their portfolios online so far.

            But we still would like to encourage you to submit a NOMINATION REQUEST for the PAA 2020 even now!

Current Entries

Congratulations to all Winners of Palm Art Award 2019!

Selection of the 19 Grand Prize Winners  - all award winners of PAA 2019 here